Respect for Human rights: We treat everyone fairly and do not discriminate on the basis of gender, religion, political orientation, and or ethnicity either in the work place or at community level.

Transparency and accountability including in the use of resources: We are open and responsible about organizational transactions including decision-making and judicious in the use of resources.

Tolerance and respect for culture: We respect local traditions, believes and customs and promote positive aspects of culture while seeking to change believes and practices that treat people unfairly. 

Respest for Social and Natural Environment: We promote diversity recognizing the richness of complexity and its capacity to strengthen security and buffer against shocks and system failures. 

Collaboration and partnership: To achieve results we cooperate with other agencies and local level political and social structures and internally work with each other as a team that strives to achieve the vision.

Dedication and commitment: We are enthusiastic, loyal and perseverant in pursuit of our mission.

Volunteerism: We encourage selflessness and community service to improve the quality of life of the vulnerable.


     Current Projects:

Childhood Regained



Dema min Lebgimsim

Student's for Schooling

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